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What is a micro market?

A micro market is an unattended self-service store that offers products such as snacks, drinks, convenience items, and fresh meals. Users can grab products off the shelf, scan, and pay for them at a kiosk at any time, 24 hours a day.


How do you use a micro market?

Using a micro market is very simple. You just select which items you want from the market shelves of fridges, scan them at the self-service kiosk, and then pay.


What payment options do you accept?

Our kiosks are cashless only, and accept Visa and Mastercard debit and credit cards, as well as payment from your phone.


What kinds of products are on offer?

We have an extensive product catalogue you can choose from when setting up your micro market. Our fresh food options feature toasties, salads, soups, rolls, wraps, and more that are made-to-order in Melbourne from local ingredients.

We cater to any and all dietary requirements and boast plenty of healthy options. Our snack and drink range features popular classics as well as some new products you may not have seen before.


How often is fresh food restocked?

Daily. Your fresh food will be delivered to your market each morning.


How do you decide on pricing for products?

We base our prices off typical retail pricing for our products. Nothing at a micro market should be unaffordable.


How can employees benefit from having a micro market?

Employees will benefit from increased wellbeing, convenience, and work satisfaction. Being able to access a healthy snack or meal at all hours of the day means you won’t have to waste time dashing out of the office every day. A micro market also provides an asocial space for you to eat your lunch, connect with colleagues or enjoy your breaks.


How can employers benefit?

Employers will benefit from a rise in employee satisfaction. It is more important than ever to provide a workplace that offers plenty of perks to employees. As a completely free service, a micro market is the most cost-effective way to keep workers fed and to make your office a safer and more satisfying place to be.


How do you know when the market needs to be stocked?

We monitor stock levels at our markets with our complete software backend, Sentry. When products are running low, we add them to the restock list and are they are replenished the next time we visit the market. 


What are rates of theft like at a micro market?

Rates of theft at our micro markets are typically less than 1%. This is achieved through our security methods which you can read about below.


How does security work at a micro market?

We prefer to build our micro markets in a secure environment that serves an established group of people. All of our kiosks are equipped with a camera that monitors who is using the market. Our customers can also opt to install CCTV cameras on site for an additional layer of security. We remotely monitor all stock levels so if products start to go missing, we will be able to detect it. If we suspect theft, we can inform management of the location. The truth is, many workers will not want to put their job at risk for a free snack and thus shrinkage rates stay very low.


How do I know that my payment details are secure?

Our third-party payment technology is fully PCI DSS compliant and secure with robust encryption measures in place. We will never have access to your full payment details and neither will anyone else.


What costs are involved with having a micro market?

There is no cost to you to have a micro market installed at your workplace. We will design, build, install, and maintain your micro market free of charge. 


What kinds of workplaces can have a micro market?

All kinds of workplaces are eligible for a micro market! As long as you have a secure space with an internet connection, we can install a micro market.


What do I need to get started?

We take care of everything so to get started all you need is to contact us and provide a space on-site with an internet connection.


How much space do you need?

Micro markets work in spaces both large and small. We would recommend 2m of wall space in order to fit a small micro market. We’ll come out to you and evaluate the location and help you find an appropriate space when we begin the designing stage.