Micro markets vs. vending machines

micro markets vs. vending machines

The choice between micro markets vs. vending machines is a simple decision thanks to the wide range of benefits a micro market can bring to your workplace. Vending machines have traditionally been the answer when it comes to providing always-accessible refreshments for employees. However, more and more workplaces are turning to micro markets as the best way to fuel their staff. Keep reading to see how a micro market could work for you.

Increase employee satisfaction

Show your employees that you care about their needs and are invested in creating an enjoyable space by offering perks like a micro market. Combined with the convenience of having food and drink accessible at all times, a micro market leads to a happier and more satisfied workforce. This in turn leads to greater productivity, decreased turnover, and helps create an attractive incentive for potential new hires.

Enhance your workplace

In today’s rapidly changing work climate, it is more important than ever to provide a workspace that is flexible, safe, and comfortable. With a hybrid work model becoming commonplace, employers need to provide amenities that will entice workers to commute into the office. Vending machines are static and don’t enhance the room they are in. Micro markets are a new concept in Australia and add a modern feel to your breakroom that staff will find inviting and enjoyable.

Fresh food

Micro markets are able to be stocked with fresh and healthy meals such as salads, toasties, wraps, soups, and more. This is thanks to micro markets being more accessible and replenished more often than vending machines.  All meals are made to order right here in Melbourne using local ingredients, with selections changed seasonally. See our fresh food catalogue here.

Healthy options

Health is becoming more and more of a priority for the modern worker. While a vending machine may offer some healthy options, the variety and freshness of the products in a micro market is unparalleled compared to vending machines. A micro market is able to keep your team fuelled by wholesome foods and keep their wellbeing as the highest priority. See our full range of products, including our healthy choices, here.

Transform your breakroom

Rarely is a vending machine a place that facilitates social interaction and collaboration. In contrast, a micro market creates an inviting space where people feel comfortable enjoying their lunch breaks or meeting with colleagues. In today’s world where the number one reason workers are heading back to the office is to meet with others face-to-face, micro markets help transform your breakroom into a social hub.

Custom built for you

Each and every micro market is designed and built to suit the needs of each customer. From size, to colour, to products, every part of a micro market is customised to your needs. While you can have some flexibility with what products are put in a vending machine, they are typically a one-size-fits-all option.


We take care of everything at your micro market; we design, construct it, install it, stock it, and maintain it. Because of their simplicity, things rarely go wrong at a micro market. Vending machines, on the other hand, aren’t quite as hands-off. Vending machines often fail to vend, break down, and leave customers frustrated. Getting a micro market is as simple as contacting us and letting us know you’re interested.

Same price, better result

Both vending machines and micro markets result in no cost to the host. While both are cost effective solutions to feed your workforce, micro markets offer so much more for the exact same price. It’s a no-brainer to opt for a micro market when there is no extra cost.

Simple to use

Despite being physically bigger and offering a much wider selection, micro markets are not harder to use than a vending machine; in fact, it’s as simple as selecting products off the shelf, scanning them at our kiosk, then providing cashless payment. Unlike the tiny screen and number pad on a vending machine, our large and intuitive touch-screen kiosks make transactions super straightforward.

Get up close and personal

At a micro market you can get right up close to the shelves and feel the products. Instead of being trapped behind class, products at a micro market feel more accessible. Products are no longer limited to what will fit on a coil, meaning a much wider range of items is available at a micro market. Vending machines can hold about 40 products, while micro markets can hold upwards of 200.

If you think it’s time to upgrade your old vending machine setup, get in touch with us today and take the first step in experiencing convenience in a whole new way.

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