What we do

What is a micro market?

The simplest questions are often the most important, and micro markets are no exception. The first question we’re often asked is: what exactly is a micro market? Well, imagine a convenience store inside your workplace; a store that is always available, entirely self-service, requires no maintenance and even had fresh and healthy meals delivered daily. That’s what we provide at Agora Markets.

Essentially an unattended café, a micro market allows you to access fresh food, snacks, and drinks at any time within your workplace. Micro markets are a new idea in Australia, and Agora Markets are the first to bring this cutting-edge concept to breakrooms across Victoria.

Why micro markets?

Micro markets are incredibly easy to use; it’s just a matter of select, scan, and pay. Our intuitive cashless kiosks are entirely self-service meaning that you can access refreshments 24/7: perfect for employees that work outside of normal service hours.

We offer a wide range of choice in terms of the products we stock in micro markets. Our fresh meals are made to order and replenished daily. On offer are salads, wraps, toasties, breakfast options, soups, and more. Our snack and drink options range from popular classics to sophisticated refreshments you might have not seen anywhere else. You choose what kinds of products you want to stock at your micro market.

We cater for all dietary requirements and offer vegetarian, vegan, gluten-free, allergen-free, and all-natural options. To see more, check out our products.

Why us?

We’ve been a vending operator for over eight years, running a network of hundreds of premium vending machines across Victoria and New South Wales. We noticed an opportunity to bring even more convenience and satisfaction to Australian consumers and thus turned to micro markets.  We strive to bring excellence to everything we do and achieve this in five keys ways:


Every customer is a priority to us from day one. From scoping out your workplace, to building and installing the market, to keeping it fully stocked and maintained, we’re with you every step of the way. We endeavour to make the entire experience as easy as possible for you and always provide service with a smile.


Our product catalogue features a broad range of options catering to every taste and dietary requirement. From fresh food, to healthy drinks, to time-honoured snacks, we’ve got something for everyone. We’re always trying new things to add to our product list and love to hear suggestions as well.


We will ensure that the end result we deliver to you is something that we can both be proud of. The micro markets themselves are made from quality materials by craftsmen right here in Melbourne. We handle everything with diligence and care, from the programming in our kiosks to the replenishing of products.


Every single micro market is unique. The size, design, product range, and maintenance are all customised to fit the needs of each customer. Innovation and flexibility will inform every decision we make when running your micro market.


Micro markets are one of the most cost-effective ways you can enhance your workplace. You won’t have to pay a cent for your micro market; we will handle all costs associated with building, installing, and supplying your market.

How you can benefit?

Having a micro market on-site makes your workplace a better place to be and can help you increase employee satisfaction, engagement and wellbeing. In a world where the way offices are operating is rapidly changing, providing a social working space with lots of perks is more important than ever. Food and drink options at work are becoming more and more important to workers, particularly young people, and have a significant effect on how satisfied they are at work and how they weigh potential new job opportunities.

Our healthy options will ensure your employees’ wellbeing is a top priority and keep productivity high. We can organise micro markets with entirely healthy options if you’d prefer.

For employers, you not only benefit from a happier workforce, but also significantly reduced cost and maintenance.

We will design, build, install, and maintain each micro market at no cost to you. That makes micro markets one of the most cost-effective ways to provide food and drink for your workers and enhance your employee experience. Compared to costly cafeterias, static vending machines, or trying to stock shelves yourself, a micro market is an extremely economical and effortless option.

The process

The first and most important step in getting your micro market is simply reaching out to us. The only thing you need to provide is a space with an internet connection. We will come to you and measure the available space for a market; micro markets work for workplaces of all sizes and shapes and we will design a market to fit you exactly.

Next comes design and construction. We will design a market that not only fits your space physically but also in terms of colour, equipment, and fit out. After your micro market is built, we will deliver it to your workplace, stock it, and have it ready to go within the day.

We will be able to remotely monitor stock levels so that you never run dry of your favourite snacks, and will stop by regularly to top things up. We’ll always be on call if you ever have any suggestions, questions, or issues.


Some employers wonder how an unattended retail space handles theft. Micro markets essentially work under an honour system and yet rates of theft are typically less than 1%. How is this done?

Importantly, we will only build micro markets within secure locations that service an established group of people.

All of our secure kiosks are equipped with a camera that monitors who is using the market and can be checked if theft is suspected. Some workplaces also choose to install CCTV cameras on site for an additional level of security.

We monitor stock levels and will inform management if we believe products are being stolen. Many employees will not want to put their jobs at risk for some free snacks, keeping shrinkage rates low.

Sound good? Contact us to get started.