Benefits of a micro market

Man sitting at a micro market with drink

Employers versus employees If you’re looking to offer your employees greater value when it comes to food and drink options, but want a solution that is advantageous to your business as well, a micro market is the answer. The benefits of a micro market have the potential to benefit your organisation across many levels; both […]

The modern workplace: Micro markets and behaviour-based design

a micro market at a workplace

Within the past year, Australians have undergone a massive shift in the way they work. For many of us, the only way to earn a living was to spend five days a week in an office, day in day out. Today many employees have shifted into hybrid work, balancing working from home with commuting to […]

Micro markets vs. vending machines

micro markets vs. vending machines

The choice between micro markets vs. vending machines is a simple decision thanks to the wide range of benefits a micro market can bring to your workplace. Vending machines have traditionally been the answer when it comes to providing always-accessible refreshments for employees. However, more and more workplaces are turning to micro markets as the […]

How does security work at a micro market?

Taking drink from security at a micro market

If a micro market is always unattended and entirely self-service, what stops people from stealing? Micro market security is one of the first concerns people have when they learn about micro markets. Despite this, theft rates at our micro markets are typically less than 1%. How is this done? Firstly, we will only build a […]