How does security work at a micro market?

Taking drink from security at a micro market

If a micro market is always unattended and entirely self-service, what stops people from stealing? Micro market security is one of the first concerns people have when they learn about micro markets. Despite this, theft rates at our micro markets are typically less than 1%. How is this done?

Firstly, we will only build a micro market within a secure location that serves an established group of people. This makes workplaces, or other secure venues, ideal for micro markets as opposed to having one open on the street. While a market open to the public may be possible in the future, for now we prefer to serve a known group that the employer can speak to if theft is suspected.

All of our kiosks are equipped with cameras that monitor when a purchase is made. These pictures are secure but can be accessed if needed. Some of our customers also choose to install CCTV cameras on site for an additional layer of security.

We use our software to remotely monitor all stock levels so we know if there’s unexplained shrinkage. Our software is also PCI certified so you can be sure that your personal payment details are secure when using our kiosk.

If we suspect any theft we can notify management and work towards a solution to the problem. Thanks to the fact that we will be serving a known group and our security measures in place, theft is usually straightforward to resolve.

Truthfully, the most effective deterrent are social factors. Most workers will not want to put their job at risk for a free snack. All of these elements in combination keeps theft rates low.

If you want to find out more about micro market security, check out our FAQ page or feel free to reach out to us.

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